20% Off when you Customize your own uncut paper currency sheet with acrylic frame.

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Plastic Smart

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We are a Family owned and operated business that offers Custom Acrylic Fabrication in Los Angeles.

 Plastic Smart:  We ponder. We innovate. We design. We Fabricate. We amaze!

Plastic Smart
We are an ON-SITE Custom Acrylic Fabrication Company  in Los Angeles that offers pure custom museum quality work at competitive pricing. With great Knowledge and over 20 years of experience, we bring your ideas and designs to life. We are experts who offer an innovative artistic, yet traditional style to this rare craft.

  Custom Acrylic Fabrication which consist of but is not limited to:
​Art Mounting, Art framing, Easels, Pedestals, Risers, Display Cases, Podiums, Brochure Holders, Shadow Boxes, Lenses, etc. ​

We take pride in fabricating custom Acrylic Furniture such as: 
Dining Tables, Waterfall Tables, Coffee Tables, Desks, Coffee Carts, Portable  Bar carts, End Tables, Night stands, Chairs, Entertainment Consoles, Vanity Sets, Counter Tops, Table Tops, Couch/Sofa legs, Wedding Cake  Tables/stands, Water tight Aquariums, Tanks and Terrariums. Plastic  Smart is endless!

    We can accommodate your needs from full Plexiglass/Lucite sheets or cut-to-size pieces. We offer various thicknesses, sizes, and colors. We offer Tubes and Rods in various diameters. Engraving,  Casting, Decals, Silk screening, Custom Trophies, Laser and CNC routing per PDF file/attachment. We repair broken glass frames and replace them  with acrylic. We also specialize in restoration and repair of all types of acrylic.